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Grant Financing for ICT Business Plans and Pilot Projects

Grant Financing for ICT Business Plans and Pilot Projects

Country: Worldwide (Developing and Emerging Countries; USA HQ)

Client: US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA)

The United States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) has been Global Resources’ client for more than 20 years, and we are very proud that among our competitors, we have, by far, conducted the highest number of ICT / infrastructure projects on their behalf. Our work includes due diligence, project definition, project management and implementation, project review / arbitration, support for reverse trade missions, and related services for their in-country partners and grant recipients, located in emerging and developing countries.

When a grant implementation appears probable, we also connect project finance, technology and industry expertise with interested investors and in-country project sponsors (implementers).

In addition to our contacts via other global project engagements, this type of “on the ground” work provides our teams direct access to top ICT government decision makers (Prime Minister’s office / Ministers / Director Generals / Diplomats), State Planning organizations, private firm CEOs / C-Suite / Country Managers, multilateral and in-country financing institutions, private sector entities (regional and in-country), inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and related stakeholders in more than 60 emerging and developing countries.

Our contacts are national, regional, provincial and city decision-makers, along with the ICT regulators, R&D communities, associations, private firms, and other players that work together to build and manage a nation’s ICT growth.

Our work has opened doors and generated direct revenue for Boeing, BP, Cisco, Corning Fiber, Cummins Power Generation, GE, HP, Intel, Juniper Networks, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, Motorola, Orbital Science Systems, Oracle, and Tyco Electronics among many others, and has supported hundreds of other emerging and developing country investors, exporters, financing organizations and project implementers.

Our work has also helped support innovation and development of competitive IT and ICT based industries within each country, along with improving ICT access, while making development more open and accountable (e.g. increased transparency, through improved service delivery).

USTDA seeks to advance economic development in developing and middle income countries by providing grant funding for planning ICT / infrastructure projects. In addition to moving major investments from “ideas” into “actions”, their grant support – and the in-country planning and implementation work that we do - promotes investment and export opportunities for US ICT product and service suppliers, along with firms that rely on ICT for critical global and in-country operations.

We offer the following services for USTDA and for firms seeking to pursue grant funding via USTDA:

  • We provide advice and counsel in how to work with USTDA and their grant processes, along with structuring concept papers, and grant proposals for USTDA review and potential funding.
  • For select projects that have received a positive concept paper review, we accompany senior management to meet with potential host country sponsors and key project stakeholders, locate additional in-country staff or partners to support the project, and provide advice and counsel that mitigates factors that could delay or otherwise create risk for project review and / or implementation.
  • For select projects, we work with firms seeking USTDA grant support to develop detailed project specifications (missions, tasks and deliverables, staffing plans and contractor qualifications, bidding documents, budgets and related parameters).
  • We provide due diligence and arbitration services for USTDA and other stakeholders when project contracting and operational challenges arise.
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