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Jeremiah Hanley

Jeremiah (Jerry) Hanley

Distinguished Senior Consulting Associate

Technology Asset Management

Mr. Jeremiah (Jerry) Hanley is a Distinguished Senior Consulting Associate with Global Resources, Inc., where he provides senior expertise to global government and technology leaders and executive teams regarding large-scale infrastructure project development, network and information security, and the development, operation and management of scientific and technological assets.

He has supported Global Resources’ work with private and public sector clients; in addition to work with data centers and transactional hubs (STS / Egypt), Jerry provided executive counsel to Tϋrk Telecom (Turkey), when he advised the firm’s senior management team on strategic investment and management options, given the Republic's future investment and trading role in both a European and global context.

Mr. Hanley has led engagements with Coopers and Lybrand, a global technology consulting firm (now PricewaterhouseCoopers), and McKinsey & Company on strategy and policy issues relative to large scale networks, and business / infrastructure transformations.

Mr. Hanley has also consulted to global corporations, governments, and universities on strategic and operational issues related to ICT security, operations, emergency management / disaster restoration-recovery, and privacy policy initiatives. His clients have included the City of New York, the State of Kuwait, Alcatel-Lucent, Oracle Corporation, Pacific Telesis, and the Board of Regents of the State of Georgia.

While serving as Regional Vice President at AT&T Network Systems, Mr. Hanley was directly engaged as a principal executive and leader in the aftermath of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake event (a 7.1 magnitude event that centered around San Francisco). Mr. Hanley was directly responsible for the timely and successful restoration of the ICT network and its services for local and international network traffic, and 911 emergency operations centers.

Mr. Hanley is the retired Vice Provost for Information Technology Services and Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the California Polytechnic State University, where he served from 1997 through 2006. As CIO, Mr. Hanley managed the University's full telecommunications, internet and computing assets, and was responsible for all information technology and telecommunications services and support for the community of 25,000+ users (including Cal Poly's resident population) plus the affiliated alumni, donors and the students' parents who represented an additional 50,000 stakeholders.

Additionally, Mr. Hanley served in key leadership roles advising the Office of the Chancellor of the California State University System on critical issues, including:

  • Statewide and national policy, security, and procurement / contracting issues, particularly relating to large scale infrastructure projects
  • The implementation and operation of high performance and high availability networks and customer response service / help desk services
  • Information security and identity management projects
  • The critical design of strategic planning and performance requirements for such projects within the context of an effective and experienced CIO

Mr. Hanley has advised and conducted operational performance audits and reviews of the CIO-IT functions for other universities, and has served as a frequent speaker and panelist at national University and Commercial conferences on these critical issues and topics.

Based on his extensive experience and responsibilities, Mr. Hanley specializes in developing tools, programs, and processes to assist senior clients who are facing strategic decisions in the areas of security, identity management, and enterprise reliability / availability / survivability and change management. His focus specifically targets the function and role of the CIO within senior executive leadership teams, and how the CIO can engage their constituent stakeholders in truly successful, innovative and transformational leadership strategies for the 21st century. He has served in both advisory and direct consultant roles on these critical ICT topics to Cisco Systems and the Oracle Corporation.

Mr. Hanley began his professional career in New York City as a high school English and Speech teacher. He then enjoyed a diversified and successful career with AT&T where his responsibilities included senior Director positions in manufacturing, product management, and strategic planning, and Executive positions in marketing, sales and governmental affairs. In his later years with the Bell System, Mr. Hanley held global-wide sales responsibility as a Vice President for the Network Systems (now Lucent Technologies) division. Mr. Hanley retired from Lucent Technologies at the time of its spin-off from AT&T, after directing team that established and staffed the global Government and Public Affairs organization for the new company.

Mr. Hanley was also a visiting clinical professor at the University of Southern California's (USC) Marshall School of Business from 1993 to 1995, where he conducted research and taught on subjects such as technology policy and ethics, e-commerce, international development, "the role of information technology in business development", and the specific roles and functions of a Chief Information Officer.

Mr. Hanley is a founder of and has formerly served as Treasurer of the International Educational Equal Access Foundation (IEEAF). The IEEAF is a multi-national university and corporate led foundation that has successfully transformed the global access, uses and integration of fiber / transmission assets for university education, communication, and outreach ( Those communication assets are directed towards promoting educational and research programs for the full range of Pre-Kindergarten through Graduate and Research Universities on a global basis.

Mr. Hanley was also a founder and served as Chairman of the Board of the Central Oklahoma Hospice Organization from 1980-1982.

Mr. Hanley holds a MA in English from New York University, a BA in English from St. Bonaventure University, and is a graduate of the International Management Institute's (IMI) Geneva-based Senior Policy Program and AT&T's Executive Development Program. He is the recipient of several recognition awards for his contributions and philanthropic efforts, and is currently listed in the "Who's Who in Technology" in California's Central Coast. His interests include travel, woodworking, golf and SCUBA diving and his preoccupations include his wife of 40+ years and his five young grandchildren.

Jerry’s thoughts:

"The key experiences and successes I've had as part of Global Resources were when I was engaged as part of our teams with senior officials in major markets such as Turkey and Azerbaijan. Working at both the commercial and policy levels, we sought to identify ways to accelerate economic growth and self-determined progress in critical / strategic industries. We also advised these clients on initiatives where pragmatic experiences and partnerships could benefit them, their unique cultural and political context."

"Global Resources is distinguished because of the truly global perspectives that our senior staff and project partners possess and offer as an integrated team. Those values and capabilities are due to our many years of professional experience, and our deep "on the ground" practice. It allows us to determine what is possible, what works or should be tried, and what, ultimately, fits best to the context of the country, agency, or opportunity we have been engaged to assist."

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