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Tom Ferguson

Thomas Ferguson

Senior Consulting Associate

Strategy and M&A

Tom Ferguson is a Senior Consulting Associate with Global Resources where he serves as an experienced management consultant and senior international business executive with over three decades of global experience in strategy, deal structuring, contract negotiations, and high-technology / financial business planning and development.

Mr. Ferguson brings senior experience in these core expertise areas to our clients:

  • Strategy Development – Business planning, new operations and product management
  • Competitive Analysis – Industry and sector analysis on a domestic, regional and global scale
  • Applications of new technology, market expansion, partner and channel selection
  • Process Analysis – Assessing and implementing complex systems and business partnerships
  • Merging Company Operations – Acquisitions, reorganizations and restructurings
  • Negotiations – Contracts, M&A, divestitures, joint ventures, multi party deal structures
  • Financial Analysis – Capital structure, cash flow, forecasting, risk analysis
  • Global Operations – Asia, China, Europe, India, the Middle East, and South America

His experience includes expatriate and long-term project assignments in Europe (France, Italy, Netherlands and the UK), East Asia (China, Hong Kong, India, and Taiwan) and project work in the Middle East (Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran and Saudi Arabia). As a CEO and successful entrepreneur, Mr. Ferguson has structured and negotiated funding ($4.0M) and a strategic alliance on behalf of a high-tech gem industry leader, and managed the firm through technology development, market launch and operations, and its subsidiary formation in India.

Mr. Ferguson’s 2010-2011 expatriate assignment in Shanghai involved business development and market strategy work for AEP Networks, a world leader in very high-value, secure, and reliable data networks and narrow-band and mobile communications. In Egypt, Mr. Ferguson supported STS with its domestic and regional data center planning; previously, he assisted EgyptAir Maintenance & Engineering planning and implementing a multi-million dollar MRO global tender evaluation process.

Some of Mr. Ferguson's additional accomplishments include:

  • Led the efforts of AT&T in Business Development and Strategy for the Asia/Pacific region and China, which dealt with the business strategies of the company on the regional and country level (Singapore, India, Vietnam), partner identification, deal structuring, business case development, government participation, technology deployment and venture management.
  • Analyzed numerous technology and business strategic opportunities involving CATV, software development, market access and network design.
  • Designed evaluation procedures, and co-directed the RFP evaluation of a major ICT enterprise (MRO) system for EgyptAir Maintenance & Engineering. Provided advice and counsel to the Chairman regarding business planning amidst dramatically changing economic trends and competitive factors.
  • Extensive experience in the structure and negotiations of joint ventures, acquisitions and divestitures including a switching factory in Taiwan, purchase of a factory facility in the UK, the acquisition of GTE Communications Systems, the divestiture of Nassau Recycling and the structuring and negotiations of the joint venture with Banco Central HispanoAmericano.
  • Strategic pricing studies for major network systems products.
  • Development of international financial methods and procedures for Western Electric International Treasury Operations.
  • Development of financial models for analysis of the Bell Operating Companies.
  • Recent consulting engagements have included:
    • Network Operational Processes and Financial Analysis for Tyco Submarine Systems.
    • Strategy development, deal structuring and negotiations for a start-up telecommunications company.
    • Corporate formation, strategy and business development, including venture partner selection, capital acquisition, negotiation and testing of a new computer based technology platform.

Prior to his association with our firm, Mr. Ferguson was the Vice President, Business Development and Strategy for AT&T Asia/Pacific and China, during which he lived in Hong Kong and traveled extensively in the region. He also lived in the Netherlands while working for the AT&T and Philips joint venture and worked in many European countries doing strategic planning and post merger activities; Mr. Ferguson is conversant in Dutch and Spanish.

Mr. Ferguson earned a B.A. and M.B.A from the College of William and Mary and attended the Executive Seminar at the Aspen Institute.

Tom’s Thoughts:

"One of my favorite projects was working in Turkey. Our client project focused on bringing new technology to the market, while there were many changes in the structure of its burgeoning wireless market. The project encompassed all of the exciting kinds of things that make such work both interesting and challenging: deregulation, new technology development, finance, development of human resources, transitioning public organizations into corporations -- and all within a dynamic environment. Turkey is one of those unique places where the latest cell towers might rest on the ruins of an ancient building and the people are totally immersed in the latest technologies. In such a rapidly modernizing and diversifying environment, it is always interesting to see how people react to changes. The country's historic role as a meeting place for different cultures and ideas has created a wonderful environment to see the infusion of these new communications tools and their impact on its people."

"The Turkish people draw upon a deep well of learning and culture as they adapt to a rapidly changing world. And their hospitality and grace made working there a real pleasure."

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